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Hades Online: Succubus

Alex Itsios

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witch, harem, succubus


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Description of book "Hades Online: Succubus"

I was born into the virtual game world of Elysium. Now I have been expelled into the real world to fight and die!
I am Zephyros and I have lived my entire life inside the virtual game world of Elysium, but when I hacked the mainframe server, the overseer banished me to the real world.

The real world is far crazier from what I expected it to be: Full of fantastical creatures and demons, but hey, I found the girl of my dreams. She’s a sizzling hot succubus. The only problem is that I must kill her if I want to return to Elysium!

What should I do? Kill her and return to the virtual world of Elysium or betray my clan, my new friends and sacrifice my only chance of return?

Warning: The novella contains explicit scenes, a harem, adult situations, light gamelit / litRPG elements & violence

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Ted Charlton 02.01.2020, 19:40:49

it has a nice beginning

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