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Harmony On Her Way To Save Blue Planet

Holley Dovetail

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nature, fairytale, fantasy world


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#16 in Fantasy

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Publication: 05.11.2019 — ...
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Description of book "Harmony On Her Way To Save Blue Planet"

They told her she couldn’t do it but she couldn’t hear them because she was too busy getting it done. An absolutely enchanting and empowering story for kids of all ages.
The children's story Harmony Rescues the Planet I wrote for my children to begin their let's call it environmental education. Our children are so wise and much closer in their mindset to become citizens of the world. "Save Earth Save Life". This fantasy story about a girl from the Green Planet who have to appeal to the inhabitants of our Blue Planet because climate change here affects the welfare of her land as everything in the Universe is interdependent. She and a team of her friends come to our world to somehow send this message. The girl-fish Ellie will help;) The part of "Four Seasons of Green Land" series.

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Joe Marh 07.11.2019, 12:51:18

hahaha MR Hedgehog is cute

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Holley Dovetail 07.11.2019, 14:55:54

Joe Marh, :)

Ruechari 07.11.2019, 02:16:24

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Charles Johnson 06.11.2019, 00:43:45

good start

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Holley Dovetail 06.11.2019, 15:05:54

Charles Johnson, thank you :) I'm going add one chapter every day so enjoy the reading

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