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Heart Scars

Symone Hart

Story about:
life and love


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#9 in ChickLit
#27 in Contemporary Romance

Ongoing: 23 Sep 59 pages

Publication: 23.09.2019 — ...

Description of book "Heart Scars "

Zimbabwean-born Isabel Daniels is leading a carefree, somewhat ineffectual existence in
London, partying hard and not overly inspired by much else. Presented with the alternative of
going to work in Thailand as a dive instructor, Izzy jumps at the opportunity; with no obvious
responsibilities or attachments to hold her back, she’d swap the damp and cold of England for
the warm waters of Thailand any day.
Her casual way of life is continued – if not improved – on the idyllic island of Koh
Tao, where her most pressing obligations are to take tourists scuba diving, and not to miss her
weekly yoga class... Although she is far from home and forms no significant bonds with
anyone on the island, she meets plenty of travellers to keep her entertained.

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I like it

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