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Hearts of Two Losers

Alice Blonday

Story about:
love, gender discrimination, inspiration


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#3 in Action thriller
#9 in Inspiration romance

Ongoing: 11 Nov 21 pages

Publication: 09.11.2019 — ...

Description of book "Hearts of Two Losers"

Two Losers of their family and society. Everyone disappointed in them and won't believe in their dreams.

Both working hard to accomplish their dreams and proving their worth.

But what happens when the only thing that they found comfort in sucks them inside of it.

Abiya and Kashan are sucked into a new game, which controls it's users by sucking them inside the game. They just have to complete the tasks of the game in order to get out alive.

But will it be that easy?

Easy said than done.

Stay with them in their journey, where they find love along with the support of each other. Heart Of Two Losers.

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Maira Digt 12.11.2019, 00:32:55

the story is about me, but I'm just the lonely loser

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Maira Digt 13.11.2019, 14:31:30

Alice Blonday, hope to find him sweety

Michelle Shelburn 10.11.2019, 16:56:30

I like the story

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Alice Blonday 10.11.2019, 19:08:47

Thanks for your appreciation.

Noa Clark 09.11.2019, 20:03:44

this beginning is nice

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Alice Blonday 09.11.2019, 20:40:58

Noa Clark, Thank you for the appreciation. I bet you will like the events unfolding in the further story.

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