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No,please don't do this.Your father will kill you, if he gets knowledge of what you are about to do". She tried to reason with him,while struggling with the little strength she's got.
He paid no heed to her pleas anyways, he tore off her blouse, raising up her skirt, tore off her panties.
"Please James stop"she cried out, using her hands trying to cover herself. He tore off her bra, taking a nipple in his mouth began suckling on it.
She just laid there, helpless and crying, her life just upgraded to another level of worse, and she thought she was suffering?
Spreading her legs, he unbuckled his trousers and laid in between her legs. "Stop pleaseeee, I beg of you"she was crying profusely by now.
"Hey baby, it's okay, I've been wanting you for a very long time now, so stop crying"

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