His Shadow/ Son ombre

Her majesty

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historical love story, asian male white woman, korean soldier


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Description of book "His Shadow/ Son ombre"

A fourteen-Episode novel about the life of an introverted princess of royal parents who own a palace and a kingdom of their own, who grew up alone in the palace among all the king's people in strange ceremonies that her father conducting each time, Making political and social relationship's with many countries and hosts them in their palace , Until the day that was sealed with her fate even before she was born.
At the age of seventeen, this day comes.
He stood there, in the Guest hall, laughing ceaselessly, A Cape with gold thread Embroidered on his body.
he enjoyed the atmosphere, he was young, seemed to always be young in his soul.
When two stars cross each other, they find a place to exist as a one star, even though the place is temporary, this place is called an eternity.

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