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How Daddy and Playmates Influenced My Sexuality

Uncle Julius

Text includes:
homosexuality, my pastor was homosexual i, i am heterosexual


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Annotation to the book "How Daddy and Playmates Influenced My Sexuality"

How My Daddy
and My Playmates, Influenced
My Sexual Orientation

I grew up in rural Yorubaland in Nigeria. The earliest memory about my father is that he spent much time with me. My only regret is he didn’t live long enough. He died when I was 17 years old, but them my character formation had taken shape.
When I was very young about five years old, only two persons slept on my dad’s bed at night, namely, daddy and I. We slept together for just about two years. Daddy and Mummy must have had sex, but I didn’t know when!
For two years, Daddy and I slept on the same bed. In those two years, he imparted lessons to me about sleeping manners.

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