How I met my husband


Story about:
two young people finding love and happiness


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Description of book "How I met my husband"

Alex: "now I teach you , what kind of treatment is given to girls.. like you.."

Alex pushed Maira on the bed. and start tearing her clothes..

Alex grabbed maira hands. With his hand.. and blocked them..
Maira is protesting Alex.. but Alex is no mood to listen to her pleads .
Maira is pleading " please don't do this. You hurting me"

Alex.. blocked her lips.. with his lips... And start biting his lip with so much anger.. that the dried blood from the lips of maira start coming out .

Maira closed her eyes..

And crying so badly.. untill she feels.. Alex.. hard manhood on.. her dried vagina entrance..

She is not ready for this.. she is already swollen but this violence of Alex.. is tearing her.. soul and body.

Alex a rich billionaire, what happened when his way collide with maira...

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Laisa Tikomaimaleya 17.10.2019, 14:03:44

Interesting. Like the story as its just begining

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