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Tips and advice to self-publishing with 4 of the biggest named self-publishing websites, Lulu, Google Play, iBooks and Kindle.

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Roza Csergo 22.08.2019, 15:33:16

Thank you. I always look forward to your posts.

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Satyasivash Chelluri 26.08.2019, 18:10:08

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Will Rivett 24.08.2019, 20:35:55

Haven't had a chance to read your material yet but the main reason I came to this site was to find out of it was the right platform to make money off the book I'm working on but can't find out how to work the site.

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Babs 25.08.2019, 12:34:58

Will Rivett, It is really good site to find out if your work is good or not as people are kind to help and comment on your work when they have enjoyed it and give you a helping hand when needed. In order to start being payed for your work you need to build up your followers to 80 or write and epic novel something like 500 to 600 pages.
I have to say this, this site really helped me to test the water to see how people would react to my unusual style of writing and because people enjoy what I write gave me the encouragement redo my novels in the style I originally did 20 years ago and since then my work has been selling and gaining more interest ^_^

diamond46 22.08.2019, 23:22:58

Thank you so much for this one.

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Babs 23.08.2019, 02:07:12

diamond46, No problem, always happy to help my fellow writers ^_^

Goodness 22.08.2019, 21:02:16

hey babs, I followed you, can you follow back?

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Babs 23.08.2019, 02:06:46

Goodness, Hi Goodness, yeah I am happy to follow you ^_^

HypGothic 22.08.2019, 16:04:00

Brilliant! I am so happy that you did this. (Ibtw I'm Robyne Em Vamps)

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Babs 23.08.2019, 02:05:49

HypGothic, You're welcome, please let me know if you encounter any problem and I do a trouble shooting chapter :)

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