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I Don’t F**king Get It!


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harry styles, bill skarsgard, romantic suspense


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Description of book "I Don’t F**king Get It!"

Meet Evie Bencroft: A fun, light-hearted 18 year old with a big brain and even bigger dreams. She's driven by ambition, compassion and the desire to make her vision of a dream life come true.

Now meet the f**king devil (also known as Evie's subconscious): She's frustratingly confusing, dark, selfish, possibly bisexual and reckless. She's driven by an uncontrollable lust for teenage love, crazy friendships, revenge, sex and daring excitement- a desire that is fulfilled with a messy love triangle, drama she can't handle, gangs and possibly even ghosts.

Evie never even knew the devil existed until she moved cross-country to enroll in OldTown University, until she began a life away from her family for the first time- until she met Gabriel Camden, the boy that tried to kill her brother.

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