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I Knew You When


Series: Distressed Teens

Text includes:
coming of age, addiction, bisexuality


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#37 at Young adult
#5 at School

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Publication: 10.03.2019 — ...

Annotation to the book "I Knew You When"

Kael Sinclair had everything going for him. He had amazing friends, impeccable grades, a loving family and a loyal girlfriend. The only thing going wrong was his brother, the asshole jock who was spiraling through his mental illnesses and coping in the worst ways possible, ripping apart their family one thread at a time.

Unexpectedly, Kael is forced to pack up his childhood home and move across the country to a new school and leave everything he knew behind. Everything that was good.

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Pauletta Attaway 17.03.2019, 12:52:54

very good, update pls

Paris Nobriga 16.03.2019, 13:51:00

want to know more

Cira Shalash 15.03.2019, 11:59:22

please, update soon

Nina Ainsworth 14.03.2019, 12:25:51

very profound story

Catsoline Grace 13.03.2019, 13:14:56

teens have so many problems

Tiffany Kole 12.03.2019, 12:32:01

too difficult

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Tiffany Kole, what does that even mean

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so much in love, but need more

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