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In a World Where Shipgirls Exists


Series: In a World Where Shipgirls Exists

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Publication: 10.12.2018 — 10.12.2018

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A guy's sudden travel to another world where an ongoing war between two unknown entities. How would he live his life through the war?

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Ashley Lewel 01.02.2019, 15:43:51


Grace 31.01.2019, 11:59:53

I´ve enjoyed it till the very end

Sam Holte 24.01.2019, 20:33:26

very nice combination

Michael Knight 19.01.2019, 14:23:48

very nice plot

Tasha Nickolson 03.01.2019, 22:17:04

oh it is a real treasure

Samantha Ainsley 31.12.2018, 12:43:45

very nice

Asha Kumar 27.12.2018, 21:07:27


Jenny 13.12.2018, 18:57:55


Savage Rose 12.12.2018, 12:53:34

i like this story, very detailed

Michael Knight 11.12.2018, 13:31:16

let´s see what it is

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