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In the Beginning Again

Elora Waters

Text includes:
coming of age, young love, college


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#10 at New Adult & College
#7 at Contemporary Romance

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Publication: 02.02.2019 — 03.02.2019

Annotation to the book "In the Beginning Again"

Lena's whole world changes when she leaves for college, but university life isn't what she expects it to be. With few options, she starts a job at the local amusement park in hopes of finding what she is looking for in herself. On the journey, she finds friendship, independence, and maybe even love. But, will it be enough?

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Krystal 15.02.2019, 15:31:45

very good story, inspired in real events?

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Elora Waters 15.02.2019, 22:29:22

Krystal, Inspired by situations and stories passed to me and/or that I experienced, yes. But in all the important ways, definitely fiction.

Grace 09.02.2019, 14:29:48

such an addictive book

Nicole Preedy 08.02.2019, 12:03:44

very nice book

Elora Waters 07.02.2019, 06:40:47

Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone! I'm glad some of you are enjoying it.

Kerry Ward 06.02.2019, 20:27:43


Marie Thomas 05.02.2019, 13:38:56

love it

Cathy Evans 04.02.2019, 15:35:18

I've enjoyed it so much

Mike Two 03.02.2019, 13:00:08

very nice story!

Ashley Lewel 02.02.2019, 13:07:01

very nice discovery on here

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