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Irresistibly Lost

Victoria Pinder

Text includes:
second chance, lost love


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#1 at Contemporary Romance
#1 at Billionaires

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Publication: 23.11.2018 — 23.11.2018

Annotation to the book "Irresistibly Lost"

Aaden Bentley needs to marry to secure an inheritance he never really wanted. Billions wait for him if only he fulfills the will of his parents. Family honor once ruined his life when he skipped out on his own wedding to the only woman he ever loved. But his parents were right. If he married her, he put her in a world of danger so he let her go.

Sienna McKenna booked a tropical vacation for herself to get away from her secretary job. She intended to read, and do nothing, until she walked into the lobby and saw the man who broke her heart, Aaden Bennett, sitting in the lobby. So when he asked her to marry him, for the second time, she has every reason to run away, but instead decides to take a second chance on Aaden.

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Samantha Ainsley 10.12.2018, 17:28:09

nice story

Tasha Nickolson 29.11.2018, 20:56:49

I also want to marry on a tropical island !!!

Tasha Nickolson 29.11.2018, 20:56:17

happy she said "I do"

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