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Jaymie Reigns.

Jemimah Njuguna

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Age restriction: 18+

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#35 in Romantic erotica

Ongoing: 20 Nov 22 pages

Publication: 12.07.2019 — ...

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I was once a lawyer, then i met a man who told me he loved me,i quit my job, i was engaged and i was happy.
Now lets just say i understand the meaning of when shit hits the fan.

Am in the FBI,my life is perfect, ladies love me and am rich what more could i ask for. I was doing a pretty good of pretending i was a good guy and an outstanding citizen.
Until my past came back with a vengeance.

- A HEA guaranteed.

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Dee Peric 21.09.2019, 08:16:25

so much passion here

Eva May 20.09.2019, 17:34:06

what a naughty girl

Cathy Evans 19.09.2019, 12:19:50

sooo hot

Pauletta Attaway 18.09.2019, 12:12:22


cherry kisses 13.09.2019, 03:10:32

I'm liking the story already

Miyurangi Fernando 04.09.2019, 13:09:30

Update! ?

Roza Csergo 13.07.2019, 23:37:40

Feisty start.

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