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Kamali's Assistant

Jessica Wright

Series: Kamali

Text includes:
ghosts, comedy, romance


23 10 969

Current rating:
#9 at Young adult
#2 at Supernaturals

Full text 191 pages

Publication: 02.12.2018 — 03.12.2018
Contests: Small Towns Big Stories

Annotation to the book "Kamali's Assistant"

If you're looking for a fun adventure where the good guys live happily ever after and the villains get what they deserve...go watch a Disney movie. This isn't that kind of story. This is my life and it sucks.
If you want to read about a guy from a small town who can see ghosts and winds up letting them ruin his life, you've come to the right place. Just don't say I didn't warn you.

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Blessing Imorame 12.12.2018, 12:49:13

Will there be more of it coming out soon? I'd hate to think of that as the end of the story

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Jessica Wright 12.12.2018, 14:59:40

Blessing Imorame, I will post the sequel once I get a few more readers. Thanks!

Blessing Imorame 12.12.2018, 12:47:19

Interesting story, love it

Savage Rose 02.12.2018, 13:36:35

so good!

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Savage Rose 08.12.2018, 19:25:11

Jessica Wright, thank you:)

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