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King Ocean: The Division

Kiki Brown

Series: King Ocean

Story about:
frienship, fighting, loveandloyalty


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Publication: 27.01.2020 — ...

Description of book "King Ocean: The Division "

Long ago the Sea Kingdom was attacked by hostile humanoid Alligator creatures known as the Ali Tribe. No one from the royal family of the sea kingdom survived the attack, except for the king and queen's youngest son, Ocean Oceana. Ocean escaped the castle and ran out into the outside world. He almost died after days without food and water and passed out from hunger. Ocean would've died if a family of doctors weren't nice enough to help him. The family nursed ocean back to health and ocean soon befriends the family's younger son Tenshi. Ocean soon convinces Tenshi to join him in battle in order to avenge his family. And after months of wondering the mysterious lands outside of the sea kingdom, ocean forms a group of young skilled warriors to defeat the Ali Tribe.

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