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romance and hindi language with translation in eng, romance suspense heartbreak


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Description of the story "Knowingly-Un-Knowingly"

It's about Aayush Subramanium, an average Indian man who is stuck in unusual wedlock. Soon the wedlock turns into his true love and as we all know that happiness does not stay forever, his so-called lush life turns into a mess when he is encountered with his ex-girlfriend. Soon his wedding reaches divorce and...

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Londa Cele 05.08.2019, 22:12:55

translation of what was said in Hindi in brackets in English would have been nice

Londa Cele 05.08.2019, 22:10:43

who's the trio? mom. aunt and in law? which one... mother in law?

Londa Cele 05.08.2019, 22:04:33

interesting, spelling and punctuation aside... the best advice I can give so far on the structure of you're story is hit the space bar once in a while or else you risk losing the reader. As for the story itself, you started strong, finish strong too

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