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Lady Seducer


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love, friends, from hate to love


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Description of book "Lady Seducer"

From love to hate leads a small path in our heart! Olga swore to herself to tie up with men once and for all at her own bachelorette party, including her own fiancé, but the next morning she breaks her word. In her apartment, she finds undeniable traces of the stranger staying with whom she spent the night of love, as even her naked body evidenced about it. True, he does not remember what he looks like or what his name is. She doesn’t remember anything at all from that moment in the night club when she slipped a large bill to a pretty stripper right to his…
Did it happen to you? Share your story in the comments !!!
Let yourselves be seduced by "LADY SEDUCER" as Olga did!

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Маїра 18.02.2020, 12:58:17

You know that this love story is my personal translation from ukrainian lauguage. My ukrainian novel "Дамський Звабник" is now taking part in the contest "Кохання і місто" untill summer. And I cant put more chapters because of the strict rules of this contest.
So, still you can read the next chapters of "Lady Seducer" only there
This is ukrainian language. I understand that you of cause don't know it. But you can download the text and then to put it there to have an ability to translate the text.
And with such easy way you can read next chapters of this novel.
By the way, I've already update it to 29 chapter.
Have a nice reading, MY DEAR READERS!!!

Maira Digt 12.02.2020, 11:52:30

this story is different

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Maira Digt 13.02.2020, 11:44:25

Маїра, I mean that it differs from what I've read before

Kimberley Ostin 09.02.2020, 17:22:32


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Маїра 09.02.2020, 20:44:21

Kimberley Ostin, Thanks a lot

sadaf 06.02.2020, 20:59:15

Update it please!!

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Маїра 06.02.2020, 22:31:14

sadaf, Next week I hope

Alexis Danford 03.02.2020, 13:48:14

quite interesting for me

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Маїра 03.02.2020, 14:00:32

Alexis Danford, I am happy to hear such pleasant words. Thanks a lot!

Kerry Ward 29.01.2020, 12:10:29


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Маїра 30.01.2020, 20:14:40

Kerry Ward, Большое спасибо!!! I am now working at this book.

Tess Macabuhay 30.01.2020, 02:12:55


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Маїра 30.01.2020, 08:50:44

Tess Macabuhay, thanks

Izzy 28.01.2020, 14:08:52

Like it so far!

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Маїра 28.01.2020, 15:12:08

Izzy, Thanks!

Marie Thomas 28.01.2020, 14:32:11

you've seduced me with your story:D

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Маїра 28.01.2020, 15:11:46

Marie Thomas, I am enjoing hear it. Thank you a lot!

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