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Leather N Eyeliner

Hamo Woods

Story about:
heavymetal, teenagers, glammetal


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#16 in Young adult
#10 in Contemporary fiction

Ongoing: 13 Nov 46 pages

Publication: 24.10.2019 — ...

Description of book "Leather N Eyeliner"

Ricky is a metalhead, convinced that nothing in recent times could be decent for heavy metal, wishing to go straight to the past and watch his favorite bands live, until he meets James, another metal maniac but with a different focus in metal, the glam era. Both guys find out that an old metal festival is coming back, they work together to see the mythical ῾Festival of Nightmares᾿ hosting at the North of the country and across the sea.

Is the ῾Festival of Nightmares᾿ the last hope for heavy metal?

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Ariadne Roberts 13.11.2019, 12:46:51

oh Jack, spoiling all the plans

Kelly Wright 08.11.2019, 22:20:54

love it

Jess Conibear 07.11.2019, 14:43:40

James just couldn't sleep more

Bertha Francis 03.11.2019, 13:26:05

poor boy, so far from his loved ones

Hannah Parizo 29.10.2019, 00:42:03

does September die?

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Hamo Woods 02.11.2019, 00:05:51

Hannah Parizo, exactly

Monica Spener 27.10.2019, 14:53:44

did you publish it before?

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Monica Spener 28.10.2019, 22:20:27

Hamo Woods, oh I'm sorry, but I'm glad to be able to read it again

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