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Jessica Wright

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romance, crime, mystery and romance


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#11 in Romantic suspense
#12 in New Adult & College

Ongoing: 12 Oct 25 pages

Publication: 11.10.2019 — ...

Description of book "Locks"

What would you do for twenty million dollars?
Nathan and Michael are two small-time con artists who moved to the big city. When they're offered a chance to be part of the score of a lifetime, how could they refuse? All they have to do is help Michael get close to the daughter of a wealthy man. However, the mastermind behind this con has secrets of his own. Can they trust a man who manipulates others so well? Can they betray the girl as she and Michael grow closer? How far would you go to reach the final score?

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Heather 15.10.2019, 16:59:02

hope you´ll publish more soon

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Heather 18.10.2019, 01:58:18

Jessica Wright, I'm reading another one right now, later i'll give you feedback

Joko Fabela 14.10.2019, 16:18:59


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Jessica Wright 14.10.2019, 18:22:48

I will! I promise! in the meantime, I hope you'll check out some of my other stories!

Alicia Harrison 13.10.2019, 23:25:10


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Jessica Wright 14.10.2019, 00:02:09

Alicia Harrison, What?

Hillary Owen 12.10.2019, 22:13:22

I'm hooked

Goo Jim 11.10.2019, 12:53:26


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