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Lord of the Strings

Earl Grey

Text includes:
first love, music, friendship


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Annotation to the book "Lord of the Strings"

The story tells the life of a frustrated artist and musician, Vivien Del’a More. She’s a twenty-three year old woman who enters the world of technology, but her heart seeks the core of arts and music. It was her dream to study a formal education about films, script writing, theater and composing, or anything related to arts. But due to her family and lack of confidence to herself, she remained hidden away to the field of arts.

Despite the tight schedules of her life, and in spite of her odd circumstances, she remained true to her passion: she kept writing stories and short classical librettos—only that no one knows of it. She's about to give up her dreams, until she met a young violinist who will change it all—the violinist Edgar Cordes.

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Savage Rose 09.12.2018, 12:53:45

will you publish more?

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Earl Grey 10.12.2018, 07:21:52

Savage Rose, Yes, I will update a chapter today. Sorry for the delay. I was quite busy due to upcoming holidays.

Savage Rose 28.11.2018, 18:57:28

she signed up for school organization, how could she

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