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Lost In Paradise


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lovers, lust, biracial


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Lela takes the day to go to the local ComicCon, planning to get out with just a photo and an autograph. However, destiny shows to have a different plan when she ends up getting into something much more interesting with a certain Danish actor.

**I do NOT own anything but the OCs and the storyline. Any similarity to people, events or places is coincidental or fictitious. However, please respect my work. It is strictly forbidden to copy or use anything of my property without my written permission. Thank you.**

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Jessica Walker 04.12.2018, 13:34:11

I like these dialogues you introduce, makes it much morecomfortable to read

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Mitikiwostky 05.12.2018, 18:15:50

Jessica Walker, you're welcome! I do want to upload the rest of this story (and the sequel), I've just been really busy lately. I will try to keep on over the weekend :)

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