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Love Hate Relationship 2

Goodness Shadrach

Series: Love Hate Relationship

Story about:
love, romance, marriage

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Ongoing: 22 Jan 117 pages

Publication: 28.10.2019 — ...

Description of book "Love Hate Relationship 2"

"I can give you what you want but in my condition, people are going to talk and you know how I value my reputation. But let me give you a proposition, the doctor said I will be able to walk again in three months time. Come home with me and stay, and after three months, I will sign the divorce papers."
Hearing that from her supposed husband, Sasha Brown or rather Sasha White had no choice but to agree.

Being married to the handsome billionaire Michael Brown, Sasha for one is very happy for she has been in love with him since highschool. Unfortunately, marriage with him was not as she dreamt it will be and now she wants nothing more but to get out of it.

Please to understand the book, make sure you read the book one. Thanks for following the book, I'm glad you love it that much : )

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Akinlolu Abosede 17.01.2020, 13:34:31

Nice one you got here

Rohma Silbanuz 17.01.2020, 04:38:44

Oh wow, this is getting interesting and I am feeling sorry for Michael but I know he deserves it - lol

Agunsoye Keren 17.01.2020, 01:23:09

I love this book. please don't sell

Lefulesele Mo 16.01.2020, 22:11:03

the suspense

Obaapa Akua 16.01.2020, 11:33:25

Happy birthday more grace to u

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Goodness Shadrach guru 16.01.2020, 12:46:07

thank you : )

Obaapa Akua 16.01.2020, 11:32:16

Amazing story.I can't wait till Wednesday

Benedict Gabriel 16.01.2020, 08:38:45

so disappointing that I cannot read this for free anymore... Good luck Dear Author your story is so good & uplifted my mood upon reading this every update ... I hope I will be able to continue reading this for free but if not well I'm hoping I can read some of your completed stories for free. Thank you & Good luck

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach guru 16.01.2020, 09:36:25

I'm sorry but I also wish you can continue : )

Shaijais Shaikh 16.01.2020, 03:45:40

Goodness.... I really can't wait for the fun now.... Btw happy belated birthday... I've already given you present.

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Goodness Shadrach guru 16.01.2020, 09:35:55

thank you : )

Goretty Faradays 16.01.2020, 05:59:27

can't Wait for the next update

nimra 15.01.2020, 20:21:06

plss post next part soon pls pls plss I love it already hit that star button I love this so much before my exam i read 1st chptr in one day and second book from next day can u believe it I'm not big fan of reading but story made me do it I love it so much I really want her to know who has been sending roses for years (I.e michael)and she also has been in love w him since yrs I really can't wait w that ending pls post next part soon it's a humble request and yeah happy belated birthday you

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach guru 15.01.2020, 20:58:20

aw, such sweet words, thank you so much darling but I usually have days to update, the next update will be next week Wednesday, so you have to be patient with me till then and thank you so much for loving my book : )

Ariba Ummi 15.01.2020, 19:32:35


HELLEN MUTISYA 15.01.2020, 19:17:23

A nice story. Eagerly waiting for the next update

Ashley Queen 15.01.2020, 16:48:45

Firstly..Happy Birthday...and thanks for the story updating..I love it and cant wait too lonf for next..

Alima Alli 15.01.2020, 16:36:18

I just love this book honestly I can’t wait for The update I am so eagerly awaiting to read the next chapter...and I must say happy belated birthday to you hope you had a great day....

Donna Springer 15.01.2020, 15:36:26

This book is great but the chapters are short especially when I get so excited at each chapter I read need more updates soo loving this story

Martha Rop 15.01.2020, 14:26:31

Please don't delay the next chapter

Nene Ahmed Aminat 15.01.2020, 14:00:43

Am in love with this story

Jene Rose Javier Jabonete 15.01.2020, 12:24:59

OMG.... cant wait.... pls update soon,,,

Lee Ann Anama 15.01.2020, 11:04:32

happy birthday

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Goodness Shadrach guru 15.01.2020, 11:18:19

thank you : )

Diana Mihailachi 15.01.2020, 10:43:39

happy birthday, wish you the best

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Goodness Shadrach guru 15.01.2020, 10:54:25

thank you : )

Izzy 15.01.2020, 10:20:05

Oh my god!!! How are you so good at writing!? Love your work so much❤️Hope you had a great birthday!

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach guru 15.01.2020, 10:31:45

thank you : )

Diana Mihailachi 15.01.2020, 10:27:57

thank you, thank you, thank you..

sadaf 15.01.2020, 10:15:20

Update!!!! Update!!!! Please can't wait!!

Tabitha Mutashi 15.01.2020, 10:11:38

wow it's getting more interesting, thanx for the update

Grace Mbeeli 14.01.2020, 16:40:38

Please continue writing. I am interested to know what will happen. The suspense is killing me. I love the story

Kamla Latchu 14.01.2020, 15:27:06

More updates please

Myancris Hyna 13.01.2020, 23:25:45

chapters pls.

Remedios Sales Peleo 12.01.2020, 12:12:16

More updates please?

Ofo Sua 11.01.2020, 17:56:13


Diana Mihailachi 10.01.2020, 20:36:33

Good evening, can you pls update the book, is really interesting..

Evelyn Henry 10.01.2020, 14:39:40

Update pls is getting interesting

Rosey Navarro 10.01.2020, 13:59:09

excited for the next chapters please.

Charlise Letat 08.01.2020, 15:29:16

Il ya des fois où il faut se lancer soi même et avouer sans l'aide de personne.

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Alda Alda 09.01.2020, 22:33:03

Goodness, i think so ,you are welcome, lovely!

Lamidi Mutiat 09.01.2020, 17:51:31

pls more update

Oluwapelumi Adetunji 09.01.2020, 17:22:45

Please update

adepeju-a o-israel 09.01.2020, 17:17:55

this updating is too short. pls let the next one be longer.

Alda Alda 08.01.2020, 21:09:17

just great as always your worg , thank you for update, i cant for the next update!

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Alda Alda 09.01.2020, 13:09:23

i tranlated in her comment

Ashley Queen 09.01.2020, 10:49:02

oh beautiful...thank you for the updating this story...awaiting for the next chapters please..have a nice day

Elvis Ponce 09.01.2020, 10:26:10

More chapter please.

Αθανασια Περγαντη 08.01.2020, 20:18:28

Please bring back them together.. Shasha and Michael please

Melanie Villante Villamiel 08.01.2020, 19:03:27

beautiful love story.

Margaret Cobham 08.01.2020, 17:27:19

Am so in love with this novel....can you update like one chapter a day please... I can't wait till Wednesday

Tabitha Mutashi 08.01.2020, 16:15:06

thanx for the update , I love the way you write.

sadaf 08.01.2020, 15:17:55

Update please!!

Izzy 08.01.2020, 13:13:38

Omg! Love the update! ❤️❤️❤️

Ivy Roble 08.01.2020, 03:11:08

update please

adepeju-a o-israel 07.01.2020, 21:33:24

Can't wait for tomorrow for the new update Goodness! Keep it up!

Ghazala Parveen 07.01.2020, 15:28:22

oh dear eagerly wtng for the next update

Izzy 04.01.2020, 20:49:21

Woww... Goodness i search ur novels to read bcz u write amazingly ur story plots are always different and interesting.. My goodness in love with sasha..

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Goodness Shadrach guru 06.01.2020, 15:00:39

Izzy, don't you think you should change it or add some abbreviation to let your readers identify you?

Lamidi Mutiat 05.01.2020, 20:23:12

I love d story

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