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Love Hate Relationship 2

Goodness Shadrach

Series: Love Hate Relationship

Story about:
love, romance, marriage

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Ongoing: 22 Jan 117 pages

Publication: 28.10.2019 — ...

Description of book "Love Hate Relationship 2"

"I can give you what you want but in my condition, people are going to talk and you know how I value my reputation. But let me give you a proposition, the doctor said I will be able to walk again in three months time. Come home with me and stay, and after three months, I will sign the divorce papers."
Hearing that from her supposed husband, Sasha Brown or rather Sasha White had no choice but to agree.

Being married to the handsome billionaire Michael Brown, Sasha for one is very happy for she has been in love with him since highschool. Unfortunately, marriage with him was not as she dreamt it will be and now she wants nothing more but to get out of it.

Please to understand the book, make sure you read the book one. Thanks for following the book, I'm glad you love it that much : )

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kawaljeet kour 05.01.2020, 19:23:46

i luv the story...waiting for ur next upload

Fa L Ak 05.01.2020, 09:45:42

Comment has been deleted

Paiege Precious 05.01.2020, 00:34:42

when are u posting the remaining chapters ????

Paiege Precious 05.01.2020, 00:34:18

same to u

Bridget Bawo Uwagboe 03.01.2020, 22:51:27

same to you

Charlise Letat 01.01.2020, 11:49:57

J'aime beaucoup cette histoire, hâte pour la suite. J'espère qu'il y a toujours de l'espoir pour les deux.

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Alda Alda 03.01.2020, 21:43:26

Goodness, :)

Victoria Adeyemi 02.01.2020, 19:51:02

Next chapter please

Mafe R Fadrigalan 02.01.2020, 15:51:27

Next chapter.please im know what happens!

Mafe R Fadrigalan 02.01.2020, 08:20:51

Beautiful story. Hope there will be next chapter soon

Akins Ayomi 01.01.2020, 21:28:41

And you too

Tapchin D Elizerbeth 01.01.2020, 19:43:44

Happy new year thanks for making my day with this awesome story

Nady Sanchez 01.01.2020, 18:48:47

Happy New Year.

Elvis Ponce 01.01.2020, 17:04:36

Im getting excited..

Shila Barai 01.01.2020, 16:44:45

This story becomes more interesting day by day..can't wait to the next one & Happy New year

Lee Ann Anama 01.01.2020, 16:15:36

happy new year

Lusani Mudau Siruba 01.01.2020, 16:04:49

Thanks for the update...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Kaarin Lou Almario 01.01.2020, 15:56:30

wowww...thank you for the update

Tabitha Mutashi 01.01.2020, 13:56:58

am loving this story, thanks for the update happy new year

sadaf 01.01.2020, 12:03:54

Update ! Update! Update! Can't wait for the next

Goretty Faradays 01.01.2020, 11:44:04

the best book

Paiege Precious 31.12.2019, 22:40:25

when is d rest chapter comin out nw????

Paiege Precious 31.12.2019, 22:34:07

lol he should taste out of his own tea lolzzzzz

Paiege Precious 31.12.2019, 22:34:07

I can't wait for the rest of the chapter when are you posting it????

Paiege Precious 31.12.2019, 22:34:07

It is interesting but when are u postin d rest of the chapter

Temit Test 30.12.2019, 12:20:12

Am reading ur novel for the first time, so impressive, still waiting for the rest chapter. kip it up

Goretty Faradays 30.12.2019, 08:22:03

wow so fascinating

Theresa Ekama 30.12.2019, 08:10:24

lovely go micheal

Akins Ayomi 30.12.2019, 04:24:23

Just short of words.

Esther James 04.12.2019, 12:03:16

I love it but it's just too short, not fair

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Faith Omoniyi 29.12.2019, 22:44:36

This book is so interesting gosh.....I love it pls update soon cos d waiting is killing me

Obaapa Akua 29.12.2019, 15:28:03

I love the story it encouraging and hope u will update it sooner

Rosey Navarro 29.12.2019, 08:19:08

i want to read the continuation of the story pls

Marilu Garing-Gasmin 28.12.2019, 18:55:51

very touching hope to see the next page

Kalpana Poonia 28.12.2019, 08:54:48

when will the next chapter coming...... I'm excited like hell. i just loved this..... can't wait to read more of this.❤️❤️

Lowie Parungao Ello 28.12.2019, 05:20:50

i love your story. its so beautiful and i love reading it to the point that i dont want to stop until i reach the end. thanks and pls continue writing.

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach guru 28.12.2019, 08:42:40

aww, thank you and I will continue writing : )

Flora Dadayeva 27.12.2019, 22:09:34

You are perfekt❣️

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach guru 28.12.2019, 08:42:00

aww, thank you : )

Acquiline Gamue Mabota 27.12.2019, 08:48:10

Thank you so much , best present ever ,,,,you are the best

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach guru 28.12.2019, 08:41:45

thank you

Farheen Anjum 26.12.2019, 02:32:01

shasha's part was more interesting and engaging than Michael's

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Farheen Anjum 28.12.2019, 01:33:53

Goodness, Lots of love.

Ashley Queen 26.12.2019, 15:24:12

Merry to read..and wish I can fins away to send gift to you..
from Indonesia should be by IDR and how to send it?

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Ashley Queen 27.12.2019, 03:47:46

Goodness, morning dear Goodness...thank you and I do...this story is amazing also touch hearts....the flowing of this story is amazing.
love the way you write and the theme of story ...

Ayodeji Tinuola Solape 26.12.2019, 17:38:04

Thanks for the extra chapter

Rohma Silbanuz 26.12.2019, 03:31:24

Very interesting chapters . . . Merry Christmas to you too and thank you for the updates

Syeda Deeba Fathima 25.12.2019, 23:10:36

He is falling in love with her

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Goodness Shadrach guru 26.12.2019, 02:51:05


Chioma Ikebude 25.12.2019, 23:01:32

Merry Christmas to you and happy new year in advance

Audu Gloria 25.12.2019, 21:49:21

More grease to ur elbow madly in love with this book....

Audu Gloria 25.12.2019, 21:49:17

More grease to ur elbow madly in love with this book....

Audu Gloria 25.12.2019, 21:49:04

More grease to ur elbow madly in love with this book....

Audu Gloria 25.12.2019, 21:48:51

More grease to ur elbow madly in love with this book....

Alejandra Muyco 25.12.2019, 19:33:11

Love it...more update please

Mazvita Gombe 25.12.2019, 18:26:43

thank you author & merry Christmas to you too

tetsoma ogbemi 25.12.2019, 17:42:48

awesome , was soo glued to the last chapter can't wait for the next one. thanks for adding an extra chap

sadaf 25.12.2019, 16:34:09

Awesome awesome awesome awesome goodness, tysm

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