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Love Hate Relationship 2

Goodness Shadrach

Series: Love Hate Relationship

Story about:
love, romance, marriage

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Ongoing: 26 Feb 187 pages

Publication: 28.10.2019 — ...

Description of book "Love Hate Relationship 2"

"I can give you what you want but in my condition, people are going to talk and you know how I value my reputation. But let me give you a proposition, the doctor said I will be able to walk again in three months time. Come home with me and stay, and after three months, I will sign the divorce papers."
Hearing that from her supposed husband, Sasha Brown or rather Sasha White had no choice but to agree.

Being married to the handsome billionaire Michael Brown, Sasha for one is very happy for she has been in love with him since highschool. Unfortunately, marriage with him was not as she dreamt it will be and now she wants nothing more but to get out of it.

Please to understand the book, make sure you read the book one. Thanks for following the book, I'm glad you love it that much : )

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Martha Rop 23.12.2019, 19:04:51

Very interesting read

Beata Gos 22.12.2019, 10:21:02

dying to finish the book

Akins Ayomi 20.12.2019, 20:59:23

Wow... Can't wait for the next part

Steve Lionel Ngomeni 20.12.2019, 09:24:45

thanks for this chapter its realy nice gyou are such a good writer god bless you are and work

Marilu Garing-Gasmin 20.12.2019, 09:13:20

its his concience talking

Bang Chae Ha 19.12.2019, 21:53:19

More chapters to update plss... you really are a good writer :-) keep writing then :-)

mouni roy 19.12.2019, 19:14:17

Nice Story

Alejandra Muyco 19.12.2019, 14:55:38

More update love your story

Beata Gos 19.12.2019, 04:42:01

Good for Michael, he is haunted by his own ghost

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach guru 19.12.2019, 10:47:15

hahahah. I will say the sane thing : D

cherry kisses 18.12.2019, 23:24:32

I don't feel bad for Him, he needs to man up and go speak to her

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach guru 19.12.2019, 10:46:28

hahaha. someone who is thinking like me : D

Elvis Ponce 19.12.2019, 05:46:35

Yeah..i read the book 1 of love please more chapter in book 2. Regret always comes after realization.

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach guru 19.12.2019, 10:46:03

sure I will update, I have a gift for you guys next week : )

Eunice Iliya 19.12.2019, 10:21:42

I think Michael was blinded by hatred for his wife that he could not see what he was doing to his wife, but now that she's no longer in his life his mind is playing back all the things he did see before but didn't register then. Am i making sense? Can you even see this reply? ?

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach guru 19.12.2019, 10:44:19

of course I see the comment love and I'm very happy you took your time to answer the question. and yes you are making sense, because that's similar to what I have in mind : )

Natasha Panchu 18.12.2019, 20:34:30


sadaf 18.12.2019, 18:06:14

Please update more chapters together,please !!!!!

Ivy Roble 18.12.2019, 16:04:08

I love it

Elvis Ponce 18.12.2019, 15:37:53

I really love your work..i finished the siblings, and its really nice..please update love hate relationship soon, please more chapters.

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach guru 18.12.2019, 15:47:35

wow thank you. I hope you have read the book one of love hate relationship?

Fazila Pathan 18.12.2019, 15:17:03


The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach guru 18.12.2019, 15:35:59

thought as much

Emilia Chimex 18.12.2019, 14:59:57

Hallucinations. He can't get it

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach guru 18.12.2019, 15:35:41

yep : )

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 18.12.2019, 14:32:21

Michael is hallucinating....he used to illtreat her and now is missing her so much that causing him seing things and regretting.

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The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach guru 18.12.2019, 15:35:01

his mind is now playing games at him

Farheen Anjum 18.12.2019, 12:17:06

I'm not going to read it that short update

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach guru 18.12.2019, 14:06:59

that's 20 thousand and something characters in total.

Izzy 18.12.2019, 13:11:56

Great update! Maybe Michael hit his head during the accident and it’s causing him to see things from a different perspective? Idk but I’m excited for more!

Farheen Anjum 18.12.2019, 12:16:31

only 10 pages update... not fair

Emilita Jalop 18.12.2019, 08:12:31

Iove it hope to read other chapter pls..

Ashima Sharma 18.12.2019, 06:00:49

When is the next update coming?

Farheen Anjum 18.12.2019, 03:44:28

it's Wednesday but got nothing so far

Elvis Ponce 17.12.2019, 02:24:02

I love chapter please...

Eunice Iliya 16.12.2019, 10:40:28

I hate reading really good stories in bits, please hurry up and finish the story. Can't wait to see Michael swallow his words and pride ?

Glenny Alvarez 15.12.2019, 14:16:33

I'm loving it so far. Updates, marathon would be great please jejeje

Ayodeji Tinuola Solape 14.12.2019, 12:15:43

Thanks for this chapter

Ayodeji Tinuola Solape 14.12.2019, 12:15:08

Pleaseeeee update 2 chapters at a time.

Bang Chae Ha 14.12.2019, 11:40:53

Just hooked now.. can't wait to have you update more.. superb :-)

Alejandra Muyco 13.12.2019, 14:44:55

Love it..excited to read more

Theresa Ekama 13.12.2019, 07:29:02

thanks for the update

cherry kisses 12.12.2019, 14:19:00

hope he comes for her quick and I need to know what she did to him back in high school

Ashley Queen 12.12.2019, 03:45:20

love to give rewards but I have no all the cards... wish it can be done by money

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach guru 12.12.2019, 11:03:45

thank you dear but I believe you just have to add money to your account here in litnet.

Ashley Queen 12.12.2019, 03:40:31 to find the update...eventhough short one but it is worth...thank you

Ejiaga Ngozi 11.12.2019, 15:46:32


Izzy 11.12.2019, 13:40:42

Amazing! update soon, please!

sadaf 11.12.2019, 12:22:44

Please goodness update it soon

Farheen Anjum 11.12.2019, 12:07:53

Please update 2 times in a week al least... waiting for too long is very hard

Farheen Anjum 11.12.2019, 12:06:29

it was not enough

Jene Rose Javier Jabonete 11.12.2019, 05:41:38

love it!!! update soon please

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 11.12.2019, 02:55:33

Nice!!.luv the update!....more please!

Farheen Anjum 11.12.2019, 01:00:36

waiting for the new chapter... Wednesday is here

Har Deh Mideh 10.12.2019, 10:53:27

The book is really interesting

Akingboye Abooluwa 09.12.2019, 15:04:22

I love this book
and I so much love ur writing.
keep it up

Nandi Tjarimba 09.12.2019, 00:46:41


Beata Gos 08.12.2019, 11:12:11

Kindly update the as I'm dying for the conclusion, thank you

Shiza Naeem 08.12.2019, 08:39:48

I am in love with this book...❤️

Lilibeth Saraza Bertolano 07.12.2019, 10:41:55

I love this book.. waiting for updates... to hell with Michael but I want to know what happened in the past tht hurt Michael tht much..

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