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Love Is Enough

Emma Swan

Story about:
revenge, love at first sight, happy ending


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Complete 373 pages

Publication: 03.03.2019 — 05.09.2019

Description of book "Love Is Enough"

"Finally, you're here. Won't you please stop torturing me?" he asked, caressing her scarred cheek, her long wavy hair. "I absolutely need to know who you are! You have to tell me your name and why every time I see you I feel like I've known you all my life?! Why do I feel this strong desire to kiss you right now?" he added, cupping her face in his hands and touching her cheek with his lips. "No more running away," he whispered to her, "stay here with me for a while, and let yourself go."

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Loreal Farmer 09.03.2019, 13:42:38

very enjoyable

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Emma Swan guru 09.03.2019, 14:34:15

Loreal Farmer, THANK YOU

Brian Downtown 08.03.2019, 11:53:58

I´m glad it´s here again

The last comment in the thread:

Emma Swan guru 08.03.2019, 15:18:05

Brian Downtown, thank you. enjoy it!

Krystal 07.03.2019, 11:24:29

in the arms of love is an amazing story, hope to read this one too and to enjoy it as well

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Emma Swan guru 07.03.2019, 12:26:05

Krystal, thanks for reading it and enjoyed it. This one will be a little bit different. I'm still working on it, so for now, You'll find the first 4 chapters.

Alexis Danford 05.03.2019, 11:41:36

I was looking for this story, why did you delete it?

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Emma Swan guru 05.03.2019, 12:57:13

Alexis Danford, I took it down for a bit, because I wasn't sure about the whole thing, about the plot and everything. But "I saw the light" and I've decided to publish it again. I can't promise that I will update it often, but I will try to do it once a week. Thank you for reading it.

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