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Martyrs: Legends of the Great Savanna

J. Lincoln

Text includes:
town building, moba, custom game system


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#3 at LitRPG
#5 at Epic fantasy

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Publication: 07.12.2018 — ...

Annotation to the book "Martyrs: Legends of the Great Savanna"

Welcome to the Great Savanna!

Uncover hidden adventures within expansive grasslands, protect the unique race know as Martyrs, and discover the Legends of the Great Savanna!

After being approached by the military with a contract he couldn't refuse, JAMES winds up uploaded into a virtual reality game as a beta tester. Waking up in the Great Savanna, James struggles with a less-than-useful interface before he comes across two creatures locked in battle. The shoulder high grass allows him glimpses of a lion-esque creature fending off a torrent of scales and claws. Sneaking up to steal a better look at the surreal situation, James discovers two things.

1. Getting hurt in the game.... well hurts!

2. This noble race of lion-men... View the full synopsis here -

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Samantha Ainsley 15.01.2019, 13:58:15

I love it, so nice

Peter Andrews 30.12.2018, 16:36:12


Lucy Roy 18.12.2018, 18:16:27

just fabulous

Asha Kumar 11.12.2018, 13:21:19

so engaging!

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J. Lincoln 13.12.2018, 21:04:59

Asha Kumar, That is great news!

Amie Knight 08.12.2018, 12:21:23

seems to be nice

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