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Lena S

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bdsm, sex, erotic romance


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Description of book "Master"

The life of Leah, a pretty young woman, was going through a boring job, friendships and the occasional party, to give her life a little excitement. It had happened before that after a drunkenness she would not wake up in his bed; on a sofa or on the floor maybe but… Tied in a dungeon along with other girls? What happened?

She had had the worst possible luck; she had gone to a slave auction for sadistic men. I was totally and hopelessly lost!

But… Who would be the man who watched her so stoic? What would he want from her? Would he take her with him?

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Lucile Savino 11.10.2019, 20:23:55

when do you update?

Dora Kellner 10.10.2019, 13:20:17

wow...I´m hooked

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Lena S 10.10.2019, 22:20:40

Dora Kellner, That's great, I hope you still like it until the end ❤

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