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Mr. Beautiful (billionaire #1)

Ann Margarette

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contemporary romance, billionaire, sexy


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Annotation to the book "Mr. Beautiful (billionaire #1)"

When I first saw Mr. Stark, I thought he was the man I knew in the past, but he wasn't. He couldn't be him that poor man I once betrayed. Mr. Stark was too elegant, too sexy and way too wealthy to become him. I tried hard not to get too drawn to him but he suddenly offered a proposition I couldn't reject.

He wanted me to pretend as his loving girlfriend to fool his dying father—a very old man who threatened to have him marry a tycoon's daughter. And in exchange, he promised me a million dollar and a few nights of pleasure.

But right now, I was too desperate. I needed the money more than my pride.

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Nicole Preedy 21.01.2019, 14:11:24

good cover

Michael Knight 19.01.2019, 14:26:58

do you update once in 10 days?

Heather Navy 16.01.2019, 16:18:23

still waiting

Asha Kumar 12.01.2019, 22:31:01

very attractive guy

Brian Downtown 11.01.2019, 22:59:03

very nice

Heather Navy 10.01.2019, 22:36:08

wow...I begin to be addicted to this story...hope you'll publish more soon

Drew 09.01.2019, 20:32:52

good one

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