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My Anata

Farzana Tutul

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loveandloyalty, love betrayal and forgiveness, love romance kiss


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Description of book "My Anata"

H ena didn't look into his eyes. She couldn't gather any courage . As she knew , if she would even dare to look at them she could never leave him.
Lifting her chin , Ayan made her look at him. But, Hena turned her face to the other side.
' Look at me , Hena.' Saying, Ayan cupped her face with both of his hands. As their eyes met , Hena broke into tears . Even the rain couldn't hid them.

' Do you really think , I would cheat on you? ' He queried. His voice was filled with agony.

' Answer me , Hena. Do you really think that? ' He asked again.

' Noooo' She shouted and fall on her knees.

Ayn also lowered himself to her level and he hugged her almost crushing her into him .

' Then, why do you want to leave me? ' Ayan whispered near her ear.

She struggled to free herself from him .

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Laila Hashim 24.12.2019, 19:15:15

Hey when are you going to add new chapter and secondly are you on instagram i wanna follow you there....

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Farzana Tutul 25.12.2019, 13:12:53

tutulfarzana556 is my instagram accounts name. You can follow me. Thank you.

Najaf Fatima 24.11.2019, 05:07:57

Frazana Tutul plz move the sfory on. I am anxiously waiting for what next has yo come

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Farzana Tutul 25.11.2019, 10:41:09

Please wait a bit longer. I will try to continue it soon.

sadaf 29.10.2019, 19:32:08

Very nice start, Farzana Tatul I was eagerly waiting for the upcoming part,now waiting for the update

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Farzana Tutul 30.10.2019, 08:30:04

Thank you very much. ☺

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