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My Best Friend


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Description of book "My Best Friend"

Elle and Alian were childhood friend who did everything together.
Elle has always been fantasizing about a childhood friend.
Alian came back home from college,one day only to find out that his childhood friend who he thought of has his sister has started growing breast, which he finds disturbing.
Will Alian break through his thoughts or will Elle move on and stop fantasizing about her childhood friend?
Find out more about their Journey in My Best Friend.

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Third 05.12.2019, 15:22:28

So guys I've updated another page,and I will update another one at noon,and that will be all for the week, maybe I might add another during the weekend,am not sure,so till next week, have a love and love relationship,and have a great weekend

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 03.12.2019, 00:51:53

Hullo!...its been a week...please keep us in the suspence or will lose more update please...thank you.

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Third 04.12.2019, 19:01:45


Izzy 04.12.2019, 12:58:16

good start, I hope you update soon!

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Third 04.12.2019, 18:35:42


Third 04.12.2019, 18:30:28

Good evening guys sorry for the slow update,I promise to update two chapters tomorrow, for my love ones,I can't believe you have that much views and likes,am like freaking out, thanks for your love,and encouragement, Have a Lovely day,MY LOVE

Ana 29.11.2019, 10:56:46

Like The Concept Good!

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Third 04.12.2019, 18:27:48


JiA Ch 30.11.2019, 17:22:44

update please

Lusani Mudau Siruba 27.11.2019, 09:08:25

lovely....i like

Ariadne Roberts 26.11.2019, 00:26:54


Laisa Tikomaimaleya 25.11.2019, 21:55:24

Nice start!... more please!

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