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My Ladybird Story

Magus Tor

Text includes:
growing pains, transgender romance, self discovery


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#1 at LGBT
#4 at Inspiration romance

In progress: 09 Dec 215 pages

Publication: 26.11.2018 — ...

Annotation to the book "My Ladybird Story"

John Bird has never fit in. He can’t be the all American boy his dad wants him to be, he’s bullied at school and he can’t bear to look at himself in the mirror. While most boys his age are playing sports and kissing girls, John can only find comfort in the secret he keeps hidden away in a box in his room…
When feisty Aureus crashes into his life, John starts the long process of realizing that it’s what is inside us that counts and that true friends love us, no matter what our secrets are.
It’s time John learns to embrace the school taunt, “Ladybird” and grow into the person he is meant to be.

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Drew 09.01.2019, 20:30:45

can we read more somewhere?

Kelli Callahan 07.01.2019, 23:49:28

will you publish more?

Samantha Ainsley 25.12.2018, 21:13:54

when will you update?

Tasha Nickolson 29.11.2018, 20:54:38

is there any second part? or will it end like this?

Jessica Walker 28.11.2018, 21:33:15

I've loved the story, very good

Amie Knight 28.11.2018, 20:21:31

A nice story, hope to continue reading it

Savage Rose 28.11.2018, 18:59:02

it is a nice story, hope to read more

Lucy Roy 28.11.2018, 18:50:06

we also said to our parent that we are going to stay at our friend's house, while we are at a party lol

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Savage Rose 28.11.2018, 18:58:29

Lucy Roy, we too, it was hilarious when my parents finally knew it all

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