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My Possessive Lover ❤️

Prachi Shukla

Story about:
love, time travel, possession


Age restriction: 18+

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Publication: 17.12.2019 — ...

Description of book "My Possessive Lover ❤️"


she who loved CEO stories hated when these stupid female protagonist tries to run away from male lead turning them into yandere .......

" aah, stupid who told you to comment back to him...??"

" Hmph, you deserve it, being stubborn will lead you to your downfall...!!!"

"omg, male lead choose me not this stupid female lead who is sneaking away from you~~~"

maybe god listened to her prayers and she found herself in super possessive CEO romance novel ' My Possessive Lover '.

~~ after 19th round of play ~~

male lead : where do you think you are going baby girl?

our MC : god please help me....

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Katie Von 25.12.2019, 12:32:18

you need to work on some mistakes, but in general I like the book

Nicole Preedy 24.12.2019, 12:18:51

I need more of this story

Loreal Farmer 23.12.2019, 08:31:22

will you update soon?

Giggi 22.12.2019, 11:16:55

sometimes you don't put names from the capital letters

Pauletta Attaway 21.12.2019, 12:58:38

continue it

Wicky 20.12.2019, 12:11:05

update, pls

Joko Fabela 19.12.2019, 11:30:31

I like your story but I think this cover doesn't suit this story

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