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National Emergency : Manhunt

Junior Batley

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action, suspense, family drama


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#3 in Action thriller
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Ongoing: 21 Sep 34 pages

Publication: 20.06.2019 — ...

Description of book "National Emergency : Manhunt"

Ex-sergeant Blake Hunter retired after a traumatic experience concerning his wife's death.
All he wants now is a quiet life with his only daughter and sister in DC. But when the president gets brutally assassinated, the three are dragged into the middle of an unspoken conspiracy and Blake is faced with the possibility of losing his child.
He will do anything to protect her, and his sister will do anything to save him. They will do anything to get to her.
Soon, it becomes clear that these guys aren't messing around.....

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Thoi Kamei 08.11.2019, 20:32:33's me! Your sista!?

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Junior Batley 09.11.2019, 18:13:34

Thoi Kamei,'s me! Your brotha!?

Celeste I. 13.08.2019, 10:24:46

Well, this is getting exciting. I have no idea where this is going to go. I like the relationship between Blake and Sam; their sibling bond is lovely and genuine. I also like that there are different points of views for the characters. That way, we can see scenes in different lights, learn a little more about them, and more.

Kind of wished we saw more of the father-daughter-mother bond before all the chaos went down, especially at the beginning, and had the villains fleshed out more. But this is an action story, and we haven't gotten far in it, we know the basics of the main characters and their motives, and I know you wouldn't want to stall long for the action, so I suppose it's understandable in that regard.

We still don't know why the villains are doing this and why they took Helena, I guess only time will tell.

I like this so far, can't wait to see where this story goes~

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Junior Batley 16.08.2019, 14:04:16

Thank you so much. I'm going to update it soon.

Junior Batley 05.08.2019, 17:53:27

Sorry for the typos, I'll clean them probably tomorrow

Junior Batley 03.08.2019, 16:52:47

Hey readers. I'm sorry the updates are very irregular; life's a bit crazy right now, but I'll get back soon!

Junior Batley 15.07.2019, 13:20:42

You can also find the book on wattpad

Junior Batley 30.06.2019, 17:13:22

hey, readers plz feel free to drop a comment and do leave a like if you think its good, thanks!

Samantha Ainsley 23.06.2019, 14:05:12

Love her name haha

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Junior Batley 23.06.2019, 17:05:11

Samantha Ainsley, :)

Lucile Savino 22.06.2019, 15:33:01

really good

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Junior Batley 22.06.2019, 15:34:07

Lucile Savino, Thanks!

A. S. Deller 21.06.2019, 20:28:00

Great story so far! It starts off with so much emotion and I get to care about the characters. It feels like it needs a little more to flesh out the agents during their introductions, though. Can't wait for more!

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Junior Batley 22.06.2019, 12:28:52

Junior Batley, But not close enough! ;)

SaraK57 21.06.2019, 19:19:59

Very good! The first chapter defiantly improved, especially the bit about the room and the house. It gave the characters more depth and a nice bit of detail.

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Junior Batley 21.06.2019, 20:11:18

SaraK57, Thanks, :) I'll do my best to make it better!

Mark Pearson 21.06.2019, 16:18:57

very pleasant to read, but I need more

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Junior Batley 21.06.2019, 19:20:38

Mark Pearson, Thanks for the reminder. I'll be posting in about and hour or so, do check it out!

Junior Batley 21.06.2019, 10:30:24

plus, feel free to give a little feedback. thnx

Junior Batley 21.06.2019, 10:24:26

Hey readers. I just did a much needed edit for chapter 1 - #1, so you might wanna check that out. Please leave a like if you think it has potential.

SaraK57 20.06.2019, 21:16:07

Cool concept and great execution especially for a first person narrative! The only thing I’d really critique you on is details. The best way to hold the readers attention is through painting a clear picture but also keep the plot moving at a good pace as well. Cut out any unnecessary details and find ways to put the audience in the moment. Maybe at the beginning Blake can talk about the morning air and the street life after his daughter gets in the bus. Maybe you can talk a bit more how he felt after she left and use that to paint a clearer picture of their relationship. You could also describe their house, to show the financial situation between them if you wanted. Your description with the dusty pictures is very good and paints a very clear picture to the audience. Doing more descriptions like that -but not crowding the plot- is going to help your writing substantially because you already have the talent to do so, it’s just applying it more to the world around Blake.

Anyways, very good and excited to see what comes next! If this helped you out and you’d like to help me, you can check out my Beta Readers blog post on my profile and fill out a small questionnaire for my story. Thank you so much and good luck!

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Junior Batley 20.06.2019, 21:44:14

SaraK57, Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your help, it's priceless. I've been needing this for a while. I'll make sure to check out your blog. Thanks!

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