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Nihilist Blues


Series: Distressed Teens

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lgbt, teen, depression


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Publication: 27.03.2019 — 03.04.2019

Description of the story "Nihilist Blues"

Elijah Jackson was kind, caring and least that's what he had fooled everyone around him to believe. Inside, he was broken beyond any repair. He was destroying himself and no one knew, not that he wanted anyone to. Elijah was full of secrets and he was good at keeping them locked away, until he collided with someone who had the key, that is.

You can also find this book on Wattpad, uncensored under the username angoissee.

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Catsoline Grace 05.04.2019, 18:48:23

very good one

Krystal 04.04.2019, 20:58:33

I´ve enjoyed it

Anna Morrigan 03.04.2019, 15:42:35

a very special story

Lizzie Dunlap 02.04.2019, 15:35:15

fantastic story

Tiffany Kole 01.04.2019, 13:18:14

love it

Peter Andrews 31.03.2019, 13:24:48

I like its development

Lucy Roy 27.03.2019, 13:16:34

did you publish it before?

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angoissee 31.03.2019, 01:15:40

Lucy Roy, yeah it got flagged

Kessily Brunet 30.03.2019, 13:20:25

very nice

Heather Navy 29.03.2019, 12:48:14

keep it up

Clayton Terrel 28.03.2019, 13:16:36


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