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Omega Virus: Delta Hour (book 3)

Jake A. Strife

Series: Omega Virus

Story about:
zombies, survival, horror


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#4 in Action thriller
#2 in Post-apocalyptic

Ongoing: 16 Sep 70 pages

Publication: 04.09.2019 — ...

Description of book "Omega Virus: Delta Hour (book 3)"

In the recently founded city of New Hollow, survivors have gathered. Jessie Bluefield is one of them; she and her friends, the Gamer's Guild. Life has finally started to look up. She has the love of her life, her best friends in the world, and a chance at normalcy once more.
Peace however never lasts. A figure emulating the Headless Horseman attacks on New Hollow and has the ability to take down the superpowered Zach and the Link Brigade arrives with a mission to save the President of the United States. Soon dark secrets will drive her down a path she never wished to follow; one that will either shatter her new life or leave her in a state of undeath.
Beware a Mother's Wrath.

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Eric Phillips 07.09.2019, 23:40:48

Awesome design

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Jake A. Strife 16.09.2019, 20:53:59

Eric Phillips, :) lol it seems that way sometimes.
There are always haters out there too. But so far not so many. I've had so much support with comments and votes, it's amazing. This site doesn't show the true love fans have of Omega Virus though. The other site, the series has around 650,000 reads and is most popular. Here it seems like Dark Dayz is the most popular.

Drew 08.09.2019, 18:35:46

this girl on the cover reminds me of my ex

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Jake A. Strife 10.09.2019, 18:36:38

Drew, Yikes. I bet your glad she's your ex, then? O_O

Mike Two 04.09.2019, 19:21:41

do you think that it's possible to resist?

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Jake A. Strife 06.09.2019, 19:52:27

Mike Two, Yeah, I gotcha.

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