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Omega Virus: Gamma Hour (book 2)

Jake A. Strife

Series: Omega Virus

Story about:
zombies, terror, monsters


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#3 in Post-apocalyptic
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Ongoing: 19 Jul 67 pages

Publication: 08.07.2019 — ...

Description of the story "Omega Virus: Gamma Hour (book 2)"

After surviving months in the ZPoc all alone, Tiffany Gainsborough still wanders in search of signs of life. In desperation she leaves radio messages, trying to find Zach, her friends, or anyone at all.
When she comes across a broadcast between two people calling each other Brother and Sister, she is overjoyed... that is until she realizes there's something wrong with them; something very wrong. To make matters worse she hears howling in the distance when she hasn't seen an animal since the Apocalypse began; and the animals, or whatever they are, sound hungry.

The virus has evolved.

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Drew 08.07.2019, 21:11:42

congratulations for the second part, I will definitely enjoy it

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Pog 19.07.2019, 08:19:36

Jake A. Strife, When you have time, do you think you could briefly look over a screenplay I wrote? have not been able to get a second opinion and its really short. (12k words)

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