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Pain is bliss


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true love, tragedy, womanhood


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Description of book "Pain is bliss"

Sirion Evangeline Tandacharry is a local school teacher who lives in the village of Canefield, East Canje, Berbice. She sets out on a harmless field trip with some friends from the local women’s training centre to Georgetown where her life ultimately takes a whirlwind turn. She meets the love of her life and just when her dreams are on the brink of fully materializing tragedy strikes. Sirion's life changes in a matter of months and she is forced into forging a personality that will not falter in concealing her agonising secret.

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Marcia Francis Bryan 11.04.2019, 19:39:40

I enjoy

Michael Knight 28.02.2019, 15:37:51

nice and sad

Linsey Smith 26.02.2019, 12:31:19

it´s so sad when your relatives are ill :((

Tim Lawson 25.02.2019, 12:36:28

thank you for the updates

Jenny 25.02.2019, 12:08:27

keen on this story

Savage Rose 23.02.2019, 20:19:13

hope you'll publish more soon

True Match 20.02.2019, 13:05:33

what a strange thing is there on the cover XD

Amie Knight 19.02.2019, 15:15:24

waiting for more pages:)

Alexis Danford 17.02.2019, 18:35:01

I hope you will accelerate your updates;)

Samantha Ainsley 14.02.2019, 19:31:35

hope to read more

Lucy Roy 13.02.2019, 19:27:32

publish more

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primrose17 13.02.2019, 21:06:51

Thanks for your encouragement. I will.

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