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Path to Crown

K.R Webber

Story about:
hate, greed, brothers


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#76 in Fantasy
#25 in Short stories

Complete 24 pages

Publication: 23.10.2019 — 05.11.2019
Contests: Once Upon a Time

Description of book "Path to Crown"

Queen fears what might happen to her children when she dies. Little does she know that someone is plotting for her murder. A witch and power hungry people want her dead at any cost.
And she can't do anything about it. Neither can the King.
The conspiracy has very big consequence. From dethroning a king to killing innocent children.
No matter how unstable the realm is, the children of the queen are the ones to suffer the most. From being hated by people or being hunted by a devil.
Because in the fight for the throne, the young ones must die.
Either by the conspirer's hand or by a devil's hand.

This story is my version of a popular Nepalese fairy/folk tale called "Sishir Basanta ko Katha" and is my second entry for the contest- Once Upon a Time.
I hope you will enjoy this story.

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Ryo Francis 08.11.2019, 16:51:14

Wow... Very good story :)

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K.R Webber 08.11.2019, 17:14:24

Ryo Francis, Thank you very much for giving positive response to my story. Please feel free to check out my other books as well.
Thanks again.

Tedd Kirsten 07.11.2019, 01:40:04

fantastic and fresh

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K.R Webber 07.11.2019, 02:20:42

Tedd Kirsten, Thanks a lot for reading my story.

Anthony Sterling 06.11.2019, 12:11:38

this story could be a decent winner

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K.R Webber 06.11.2019, 12:26:08

Anthony Sterling, Thank you very much for the appreciation. I am really happy that people are reading as well as enjoying my story.
Thank you, again for reading my story.

Kim Miller 05.11.2019, 23:34:18

the cover couldn´t be better

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K.R Webber 06.11.2019, 02:23:11

Kim Miller, I also think so. It took me really long time to find the suitable image for cover.
I am glad that you liked the cover.

Ariadne Roberts 25.10.2019, 21:14:17

I love it

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K.R Webber 26.10.2019, 04:32:33

Ariadne Roberts, Thank you very much. I am very glad that you enjoyed this story. Please don't miss its last part which I will publish soon.

Goo Jim 25.10.2019, 00:56:41


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K.R Webber 25.10.2019, 03:49:12

Goo Jim, Thank you very much. Please make sure to add ths story to your library to not miss its final part.

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