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Personal Responsibility


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cyberpunk, noir, artificial intelligence


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#6 at Science fiction
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Publication: 01.02.2019 — 04.02.2019

Annotation to the book "Personal Responsibility"

In the near future a catastrophic event forces the world's governments to outlaw all artificial intelligence. In the midsts of this decision a black market for Artificial intelligence and Androids now booms. It's now the job of specialized police forces to hunt and destroy these black market products.

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A. Neeson 10.02.2019, 18:48:18

very cool idea, I completely love it

Mike Two 09.02.2019, 15:57:14

good work

Lizzie Dunlap 08.02.2019, 12:27:06

it is a good story but very short

Kessily Brunet 05.02.2019, 14:15:56

short but nice:)

Cathy Evans 04.02.2019, 14:44:16

waiting for more pages!

Loreal Farmer 03.02.2019, 23:54:35

very interesting

Ashley Lewel 02.02.2019, 13:46:18

hope to read more, very excited!

A.I.M 02.02.2019, 00:48:18

I love this already!

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valor 02.02.2019, 03:26:52

A.I.M, Thank You! Give it a like and add it too your reading list! Also if you like this I hope you like other things on my list.

Sharon Brooke 01.02.2019, 13:49:24

John is a brave man

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