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Pirate:song of the Sea

Phantasmagoric Xythe

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adventure, fantasy, pirates


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#4 in Historical Romance
#10 in Action & Adventures

Ongoing: 16 Sep 33 pages

Publication: 31.08.2019 — ...

Description of book "Pirate:song of the Sea"

The dawn breaks and soon shall the flow of a steady life…
On her seventeenth celebration of birth. Morven’s life turns around from one of the high nobles from the south, into a forcibly unwanted pirate hostage on a pilgrim into the place she hated most of all –the wide endless sea. Being kidnapped from home, sold as a slave and bought by a captain who will soon unravel the secrets of her miraculous and talented ability.
The problem…
Her fear for the sea takes on toll when the captain’s plan was revealed. A condition that he will return her back to her homeland once she’s able to sing the waves for him. Her traumatic memories hindered her willingness, unable to give the captain what he wants as easy as he said.
The unexpected…

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Sharon Brooke 16.09.2019, 13:50:28

can´t stop reading

Lisa Lay 07.09.2019, 13:05:25

I absolutely love it

Jess Conibear 06.09.2019, 17:46:17

so interesting

Dee Peric 05.09.2019, 19:36:57

this story captivates you from the first line

Athena Bock 01.09.2019, 18:31:08

will you finish this story or there is no sense in starting it? as you have no story finished

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Athena Bock 02.09.2019, 11:56:18

Phantasmagoric Xythe, that's comforting :)

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