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Prince and Princesses of My Nation


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love, short stories, humour


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#11 at Inspiration romance
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A compilation of stories of the princes in the world of Eullenuum Nation and met their respective princesses. After meeting them in the challenges in the last year’s Tradition, their paths crossed once again.

What will happen to each of them? Will the sparks that happen in their first meeting bloom into something?

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Samantha Ainsley 15.01.2019, 14:09:46

really interesting

Michael Knight 14.01.2019, 19:45:14

very nice stories

Jenny 13.01.2019, 15:51:16

so nice

Asha Kumar 12.01.2019, 22:11:45

very interesting

Brian Downtown 11.01.2019, 23:00:59

good stories

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