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Project E: Miracle of Time

Phantasmagoric Xythe

Text includes:
action, miracles, surrealism


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Current rating:
#4 at Post-apocalyptic
#12 at Romantic suspense

In progress: 07 Dec 22 pages

Publication: 28.11.2018 — ...

Annotation to the book "Project E: Miracle of Time"

Having a second chance to live means having the chance to destroy the balance of society.

And having this phenomenon happened to Lucrylia, she was abducted and tossed into the other side of the society wherein the others who are resurrected fight each other for the pleasure and the competition of 'miracle'.

Death is everywhere once you claim second life once more.

Is there a way to escape this fate?

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Brian Downtown 08.12.2018, 19:17:12

it is a nice story, want to know what will happen next

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Brian Downtown 10.12.2018, 13:21:46

Phantasmagoric Xythe, hoped you had some special days for new updates

Amara Kent 30.11.2018, 13:48:47

a dangerous mixture!

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