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Queen of My Heart


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Description of the story "Queen of My Heart"

Ronald Gidwani, a billionaire who is also a single father, finds love again when he meets Raina, The Queen of his Heart.

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symplyayisha99 16.08.2019, 00:54:27

Sorry for the late updates guys, the full story is on, and you can check it out.

Sheila Amule 14.08.2019, 15:20:33

More chapters please

Monica Spener 08.08.2019, 12:55:52

What are you doing Ronald?

Bolaji Olagunju Olowosile 02.08.2019, 02:06:35


Kelly Wright 01.08.2019, 21:04:53

Raina made him happy

Grace 30.07.2019, 14:38:14

love it

symplyayisha99 30.07.2019, 01:53:41

Hi guys, sorry for the late updates. You can check out the full story on but for the main time I'll try to update regularly here

Leah Villanueva 29.07.2019, 16:13:32

Next chapter plsss

Steve Lionel Ngomeni 24.07.2019, 16:30:37


Leah Villanueva 21.07.2019, 14:29:44

Up date plsssss

Samar Sam 20.07.2019, 23:34:53

update new chapters with long content kindly all that were too short

Kath Snit 17.07.2019, 12:40:11

publish more

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symplyayisha99 20.07.2019, 23:07:13

I will
Thanks for reading

Samar Sam 20.07.2019, 12:00:12

plz update next chapter

Samar Sam 18.07.2019, 13:57:03

plz update next chapter

Marie Thomas 16.07.2019, 17:54:54

wow, hope you´ll continue this story

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symplyayisha99 17.07.2019, 01:36:24

Yes I will.
Thanks for reading ❤

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