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Radioactive Evolution

Richard Hummel

Text includes:
dystopian, cyberpunk, action and adventure


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#5 at Post-apocalyptic
#4 at LitRPG

Teaser 12 pages

Publication: 14.12.2018 — ...

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#1 Amazon Bestseller in Post-Apocalyptic, Cyberpunk, Dark Fantasy, Science-Fiction & Fantasy Gaming, Myths & Legends, Dragons & Mythical Creatures, and TV/Movie & Video Game Adaptions.

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How far would you go to change humanity's fate?

Jared Cartwright has spent the last two years delving into the twisted, scarred wastelands of an earth ravaged by nuclear war. The rich and powerful have taken to the oceans and skies on floating utopias, escaping destruction and leaving the rest of humanity to fend off the mutated creatures that roam the earth.

To face his new reality, Jared must become an apex and evolve beyond human limitations to confront those that left mankind to die.

Jared's quest takes a new turn when he discovers dragons are real.

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Brian Downtown 20.12.2018, 13:28:22

now will happen something really cool

Peter Andrews 15.12.2018, 12:59:20

the first chapter is very interesting, want to read more

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Richard Hummel 15.12.2018, 15:31:24

Peter Andrews, I can't post the rest of book 1 here because it's in Amazon's KU exclusive right now, but I'll plan to upload Book 2 chapters here as I finish them. The rest of book one you'll have to read via Amazon for the time being.

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