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Rainbow Rising

Holley Dovetail

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magic, fantasy, kids


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#25 in Fantasy
#5 in Short stories

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Publication: 28.11.2019 — 29.11.2019
Contests: Once Upon a Time

Description of book "Rainbow Rising"

This little fairy-tale short story dedicated to a pet-friend gone chasing the rainbow. For kids their first lost and challenge in life is letting go of their pet friends that once became part of their world. This little story will help in times they have to say good-bye without falling into despair.

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Litnet Authors 29.11.2019, 15:10:13

Just a reminder the contest closes Saturday, November 30th. That means the book needs to be complete, marked complete and when you complete your story you will have to send an email to the contest’s moderator ( letting them know that your participating book is complete. Only completed stories will be considered for the shortlist and winning book, so be certain to mark your story as COMPLETE on your Litnet profile.

The format of the letter:

Topic: “Once upon a Time,” Story Complete

Text: I (your name-pseudonym + link to your Litnet profile) have completed my story “Name of Your book” on (date when you have finished) and have published and submitted it for the contest in full. Please include my story in the list of the finalists.

After this, your story will be among the contest’s finalist and you will be considered for the main prize.

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Litnet Authors 29.11.2019, 19:06:55

Holley Dovetail, You're welcome and good luck.

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