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Redfox Squad Season 1


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Ongoing: 28 Jan 7 pages

Publication: 28.01.2020 — ...

Description of book "Redfox Squad Season 1"

Five years ago, a man by the name of Redfox set out on a journey that would test his very limits. Upon returning, Redfox puts together a team of vigilantes to fight the battles that the law can't touch, they are Redfox Squad, and this is their story.

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HypGothic guru 01.02.2020, 11:23:52

popped it into my library and gave it a like. Looks very interesting.

Ryo Francis 29.01.2020, 16:09:41

Nice start with those funny dialogues and that crazy action sequence.
Well written — descriptive & easy to read, but some paragraphs are just too long for my liking.
Added to my library — so curious to find out where your story is going
Liking your silly book cover too :)

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