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Ring of sorrows

Michael romain

Story about:
this begins and ends with a ring


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#30 in Short stories

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Publication: 18.10.2019 — 29.10.2019
Contests: Once Upon a Time

Description of book "Ring of sorrows "

A short story that begins and ends with a supernatural ring. A grim tale about sacrifices.

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Litnet Authors 22.11.2019, 21:47:24

One more thing Michael your book needs to have the genre Short Story as one of its main genres as per the rules. We just noticed that your story does not have Short Story listed as 1 of your 2 genres. Please change to be considered for our finalist list.

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Michael romain 26.11.2019, 10:04:22

Of course!

Roza Csergo 18.11.2019, 15:35:26

Wishing you good luck in the competition.

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Michael romain 18.11.2019, 16:49:43

Ayyyyyyyyeeeeeee thanks.... I appreciate it! I think my story sucks, but at least I tried lol .... Thanks again ur awesome!

Litnet Authors 13.11.2019, 15:02:56

When you complete your story you will have to send an email to the contest’s moderator ( letting them know that your participating book is complete. Only completed stories will be considered for the shortlist and winning book, so be certain to mark your story as COMPLETE on your Litnet profile.
The format of the letter:
Topic: “Once upon a Time,” Story Complete
Text: I (your name-pseudonym + link to your Litnet profile) have completed my story “Name of Your book” on (date when you have finished) and have published and submitted it for the contest in full. Please include my story in the list of the finalists.
After this, your story will be among the contest’s finalist and you will be considered for the main prize.

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Litnet Authors 15.11.2019, 16:15:51

Michael romain, You're welcome! Thank you for sending the email.

Ruechari guru 04.11.2019, 13:54:42

Your story's description needs to show how it is related to the fairytale theme in order for your story to be accepted.

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Michael romain 08.11.2019, 02:08:23

You're very helpful. Thanks again!

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