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Rising Moon (book One of the Moonlight Cycle)


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Publication: 17.03.2019 — 29.04.2019

Description of the story "Rising Moon (book One of the Moonlight Cycle)"

Following a family tragedy, 15-year-old Keegan Maverick's father moves him and his little sister Caylee to the town of Stormy Vale, into the families' ancestral home. Kensington Manor has stood vacant for 12 years, with a tragic, dark, and violent past. It's clear from the beginning, the Maverick's are unwelcomed outsiders into the tiny, close knit town. Town local Ivy Ashmore knows she should stay away from the outsider Keegan especially considering it was his relatives charged with murdering Ivy's uncle years before. But Ivy finds herself drawn to the dangerous boy, and Keegan finds himself drawn to the girl that could literally get him killed. For the town of Stormy Vale is full of secrets, centuries old, secrets long since kept, and with good reason as Keegan is about to find out.

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Korey Charles 08.05.2019, 14:03:20

your story is good but I think it´s too extended, you could reduce some scenes

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AnnaRCase 08.05.2019, 14:38:06

Korey Charles, Thanks. Its unedited. So things will probably get cut during editing. Thanks for reading.

Asha Kumar 27.04.2019, 15:17:33

I like this story

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AnnaRCase 27.04.2019, 17:27:48

Asha Kumar, Thanks, so do I:) Thank you for reading and commenting.

Tasha Nickolson 24.04.2019, 14:08:29

and blood moon story is a sequel?

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AnnaRCase 25.04.2019, 18:26:26

Tasha Nickolson
, Blood Moon ( Book Two of The Moonlight Cyle) is the exact title of the sequel. It has the cover with the couple holding hands in front of a red moon. I'm leaving up the original also because it was the finalist in the Small Towns, Big Stories contest. But its too long. So I split it. Thanks.

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